United Sioux Tribes Development Corporation has moved to a new location.

Now located at 122 E. Sioux Ave. Suite B. to better serve clientele in the Pierre area. 

The Corporation has purchased a vehicle for Participants!

To assist them with transportation regarding employment related issues. 

United Sioux Tribes Development Corporation

Click here to learn about the United Sioux Tribes symbol.
Click here to learn about the United Sioux Tribes symbol.

In 1970, the nine tribal Chairmen voted to formulate the United Sioux Tribes Development Corporation which was charted in May 1970, as a non-profit organization for development and assistance to Indian people of South Dakota.

The initial program implemented was the Direct Employment Program through contractual agreement with the Bureau of Indian Affairs in November 1970.  Staff and field offices were initiated at three locations in the state to begin the actual administration of the USTDC.

From the beginning the Corporation has grown substantially and now operates numerous programs that provides services to Indian people.

The United Sioux Tribes is the political arm for the Tribes, whereas, the United Sioux Tribes Development Corporation is a business tool which provides services to the Indian People.

The USTDC’s goals and objectives are to serve South Dakota Indians on and off the reservations by wise usage of existing programs and to actively promote the Native Americans into the State’s economic climate through utilization resources.


Hire Indian Manpower

  1. Two destination offices operating for the placement of Indian personnel into jobs of substance.
  2. Services include:  Job Development, Screening, Orientation, Placement, Certifications, Follow-up, Employer/Employee Relations, Community Adjustment Services.
  3. Coordination with Tribal, State, Federal, local and private organizations.
  4. Referral and resources services for the benefit of the Indian People.